How to Hack a Cell Phone Download

  1. Click the Download link
  2. Fill out the 1 minute survey
    (It’s the only funding we get to update the program for the future since it is free)
  3. Download the program
  4. Extract it

Download the Hack: 


What features does the cell phone hack have?

  • See text messages
  • Send text messages
  • Make calls
  • See sent calls
  • See received calls
  • Listen to voice mails
  • Record your own voice mail message
  • Watch a live feed through the camera
  • Take pictures through the camera
  • Record video from the camera
  • View gallery (Saved pictures and videos on phone)
  • Save pictures from the phone to your computer
  • Save videos from the phone to your computer
  • Browse the internet through the phone

Simply hack the phone and do all these things to it from your computer no matter where it is in the world!

How to use the free cell phone hack?


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